When I set this picture up I wasn’t planning to use it for a blog post. After taking it and doing a little editing, I thought I might like to use it for one after all.


A week or two ago I found these cute plushie things from Intrigue Co. I couldn’t find them in world. I still don’t know if they exist there anymore. I got some off of the marketplace tho. They appear to be old gacha items. I decided after getting them I would set them up together, either just for decoration, or to take a picture. I finally decided to follow through on that over the weekend. Most of the items I put into the set are gacha items. With the exception of the basket, the blinds (which were and FLF item last week), the giraffe (a gift from somewhere, Arcade or Cosmopolitan), the shelves on the right, and the shoes on the floor. I loathe gachas, but I still get sucked into them. No matter how hard I try to avoid them. At least I actually found a use for all the these ones, even if it was just for a temporary photo set.

A usual, you can find a higher resolution version of the picture on my flickr.